Greg, 50, grew up in Bethesda, MD. Greg met his wife, Laura, at Northwestern University where he graduated in 1990 with a B.S. in Speech majoring in Radio/TV/Film. Greg  moved to Baltimore in June, 2012, from New Haven, CT, where he lived since 2004. A stay-at-home dad since leaving the TV/film post-production business (Chicago & Boston), Greg has juggled the life of a busy and growing family with his neighborhood and community interests. An active volunteer with the Friends of Edgewood Park for many years, Greg served as treasurer and board member. As Alderman, he represented New Haven's Ward 25 from 2010-2011. Greg has been a strong voice at various community and city meetings. Greg is a very involved school parent, glad to help and volunteer with school events, fundraising, mentoring, and tutoring. Greg has been treasurer  for the Stoneleigh Elementary School PTA for three years, and was on the board of directors of the Woodbridge (CT) Child Center for several years.  Currently, Greg serves on the Stoneleigh Community Association's board of governors, as vice president  of the Towson High School PTSA, secretary of the Dumbarton Middle School PTSA, and as Community Member on the Towson University Institutional Review Board. His wife, Laura, is an emergency physician at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Greg is also an avid soccer enthusiast and certified soccer referee. He enjoys spending time with his family hiking, skiing, traveling and reading.