On The Issues

While New Haven, CT, Ward 25 Alderman from 2010-2011, I heard these concerns and requests:

“Please keep us informed.” I pledged to communicate via newsletters, blog/website, email, and phone. I held weekly office hours and hosted neighborhood get-togethers. I “reported back” from City Hall after all meetings.

“We need more fiscal responsibility and transparency.” I participated in and encouraged oversight and debate, worked to reduce debt & liabilities, requested regular financial reports, required accountability of city departments, insisted on budget projections, monitored return-on-investment, and prioritized spending needs.

“Slow down traffic!” I worked towards a Complete Streets study of our neighborhood. I worked for and insisted Complete Streets & Safe Streets initiatives, actions, and measures were considered and implemented in the neighborhood and throughout Westville and the city.

“Make sure Edgewood Magnet School is a top choice for neighborhood parents.” I teamed up with parents, teachers, administrators, and fellow Aldermen to collaborate on the Mayor and Board of Education’s implementation of reform initiatives to improve our children’s learning opportunities and academic performance district wide.